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Chris Doan

In December of 1976, I saw a program on a Canadian television station showing a gentleman demonstrating glassblowing, a very rare event in those days. He had a bench torch, a large diameter glass tube he was carefully heating. Almost magically, he blew that tube into a perfect round bubble. He then picked up a glass rod that had a coating (I later found out it contained silver) placed it in the flame and changed perfect bubble to a beautiful silver Christmas ornament.  I was hooked, I wanted to learn glassblowing!

A few weeks later, quite by accident, I had the good luck to meet Greg Moore, a very talented glassblower.  Greg and I became friends and he gave me my start in the glassblowing world. I have had a small glass shop in my basement or garage ever since.  Over the years I taken classes from Herold Eberhart, the scientific glassblower at the University of Michigan and many other glassblowers I have come to know.


Working in glass, this amazing material, frozen at room temperature, flowing like honey at 2000 f,  remains my passion. So important for the modern world, so beautiful for the artistic world, it’s luster will never dull, it’s vivid color will never fade. Voltaire says "It is the destiny of glass to break" I think about that sometimes when I work and wonder, will this be the ornament that will out lasts the Pyramids??  Could happen!!

Chris' studio in Tecumseh will be open for the Tour.

"Working in glass,this amazing material, frozen at room temperature, flowing like honey at 2000f, remains my passion."