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I’m a retired engineer with a degree in electrical engineering. About 10 years ago I came across my old collection of 45 rpm records from the 50s and early 60s but didn’t have a record player to play them. After some searching I found an RCA 45rpm table top record player from 1958 and after some research and trial and error I restored this vintage player to as new condition. This started me on a path for a new hobby of restoration of vintage record players from the 1950s and early 60s.
I specialize in complete restoration of small table top 45 rpm vintage record players and bring these forgotten and neglected players back to life again as close to new condition as possible. These record players were the iPods and MP3
players of the the “good old” days and will automatically drop a stack of up to 14 records. Basically the selection could be “programmed” by placing the records on the spindle in whatever order was desired by type of music or artist. The
record player was turned on and could play for about 30 mins non stop depending on the length of each record.

Records made during the 50's were recorded to play through these vacuum tube amplifier record players and have a different sound than modern digital recordings. When listening to an old record played on a vintage player you are hearing the “golden oldies” the way they sounded 60 years ago.
Every part of the record player is fully restored including the Cabinet, Turntable, Tonearm with cartridge and needle, Automatic changer, Motor and Tube amplifier.

You can also see and hear some of my restorations on my you tube site ed 45rpm

Ed Hunerberg has a studio workshop in the Carnegie Building in Tecumseh.

“I get great satisfaction from restoring these 60 year old record players that will have a new life and bring back good memories to the new owners”