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P.O. Box 421 Tecumseh, Mi 49286

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Out here in rural Michigan, I am surrounded by the beauty of the land and nature, the peace and serenity of a quieter life, and I try to evoke those feelings in my paintings. I am inspired by nature and the beauty of God’s creation. I take a lot of photographs that I use as reference for my work, but fine art captures the beauty around us better than any photograph ever could.

A painting starts with an inspiring scene or combination of scenes, an idea, a feeling. Working from the background to the foreground in acrylic paints, I am able to layer glazes and brush strokes on the canvas rather quickly. Glazes create a very beautiful and surreal depth to my work. Because the paints dry quickly, I am able to complete a painting in my studio in a matter of days.

Those who enjoy art for its ability to transport them to a different, more peaceful place and time will best appreciate my interpretation of landscapes and scenes. Commissioned works capture memories of people, places and pets and are treasured for a lifetime.

Ellen's art will be displayed at Hidden Lake Gardens and in Tecumseh at First Presbyterian Church.

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.” Henry Ward Beecher